Station Journal

Wed, 19-Oct-2016 5:33pm EDT
Moved anemometer from original location to 30 feet up on new antenna tower. It should now have less wind shadow from trees.and wireless terminal better view to south for solar panel.

Wed, 03-Aug-2016 9:52am EDT
Replaced battery in ISS at 0920. Replaced batteries in Vue console.

Thu, 13-Nov-2014 2:16pm EST
Started WeatherCloud reporting today 1400EST

Fri, 03-Oct-2014 2:53pm EDT
Installed WeatherCat 2.0.0 release version and registered.
Reboot and restart at approx. 1405 Oct. 3,2014.

Mon, 15-Sep-2014 2:35pm EDT
Backup hard drive failed (soft) and could not repair with disk utilities. Reformatted and restarted HD2 as time machine backup disk at 1435 Sept 15, 2014.

Sun, 14-Sep-2014 4:26pm EDT
Installed v2.0, build4475 beta. Reboot and restart.

Thu, 04-Sep-2014 3:13pm EDT
Changed batteries in ISS and Remote Anemometer. Running WC V2.00 Build 4410 beta.

Thu, 28-Feb-2013 12:15pm EST
Replaced battery in ISS. Reconnected VP2 Console. Restarted WeatherCat. All seem to be okay now.

Thu, 28-Feb-2013 9:13am EST
problem with ISS. Not updating temperature, humidity, or rain. Turned off Weatherunderground and CWOP until repaired.
VP2 console not receiving - Vue receiving but bad data. Temp constant 32.8 and 97% humidity for nearly 24 hours.

Thu, 21-Feb-2013 7:51pm EST
Rebooted computer and installed WC v1.14 b 232-release version

Thu, 31-Jan-2013 4:00pm EST
Upgraded operating system to Mountain Lion, 10.8.2 and restarted. All seems to be running Okay. Will wait a day before installing updated server program.

Sun, 27-Jan-2013 3:56pm EST
Restarted OS and WC due to Time Machine hung up in loop.

Sun, 13-Jan-2013 10:48am EST
Installed ver.1.13 build 119 and restarted OS

Sun, 06-Jan-2013 10:33am EST
Installed v1.113 Build101 at 1034 today 6Jan13

Thu, 27-Dec-2012 3:35pm EST
Installed v1.1.2 and restarted

Sat, 22-Dec-2012 10:30am EST
Dec 20,2012 was a record rainfall for this date with 0.72 inches. FWA recorded 0.76 inches.

Sat, 22-Dec-2012 10:27am EST
Installed v1.1.1Build 39 (?v1.11b39?) After restart of OS

Sat, 01-Sep-2012 2:23pm EDT
Started weather station transition to Mac Mini Server at noon today. All seems OK. Running Vue console on iMac with usual comm. errors.Shut down both and restarted computers to get WC Client transferred to Mini.